Who We Are

We are Toolmarque – the tool division of the Power Utilities Group. We are a UK based company who specialises in supplying premium tool storage boxes, accessories and a high quality range of our own foam tool sets. As a fully ISO9001 registered and approved company, we prioritise quality and affordability. We care about our customers, and we endeavour to provide a bespoke service wherever possible.

About Cornwell

Cornwell Tools are American-made and boast supplying high value tools to dealers for over 100 years (longer than any other mobile tool company). Many tools today are still handmade from forge to finish, just as they had been at the company’s inception. Their vision is to provide quality tools for an ever evolving automotive industry and through their long-lasting reputation, have paved the way in steel.

About Brimatco

There is substantial proof that gear drive is the most consistent, durable and precise method of torque delivery employed and is widely preferred over other methods. To ensure the highest quality and product control, Brimatco design and manufacture all of their components in-house. Their years of experience and metallurgical expertise allow them to select the best materials for any given application.

Why choose us


With graphics and toolset options customised exactly for your profession


We are ISO9001 2015 approved


Our warranties guarantee that whatever you order, you never have to worry about reliability


We can ship quickly for all of our offered items and next-day for in stock items


We are exclusive distributors of Cornwell Tools UK and major distributors of Brimatco across europe


Our tools and storage units are made from high grade materials

We Offer:

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on tools
  • 10 year chassis warranty on storage boxes
  • Next day delivery options for tools
  • Worldwide shipping for storage units

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